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Artists Discuss How They've Approached Their Work Through the Quarantine

As the pandemic continues to stretch on, Detroit News has interviewed a plethora of local artists from all walks off life about how it has effected their art, noting that many artists have been forced to move to online or hybrid forms of display and sales. From Matt Naimi, the owner of Detroit's Recycle here! and one of the men behind the Lincoln Street Art Park who usually seeks to bring people together over his art and feels that the resulting sense of community is lost through digital platforms, to Sterling Toles, a local graphical and musical artist who has taken the time to himself as an opportunity for personal growth. Check out the link below for even more.

Pandemic forces many Detroit artists to take new look at their craft

10 Detroit Venues Hosting In-Person Exhibits

As the pandemic continues to force people to stay home, many long for the times when we could go to art shows and and share in-person experiences that provide a depth that digital showings just can't quite capture.To remedy this, Hour Detroit has curated a list of Detroit spaces that have created safe environments for patrons to get out once again and enjoy visual art in person.

Where to See Visual Arts In Person Around Metro Detroit

Online Art Displays

There may not be many local art shows going on right now, but there is plenty of art, modern and classical, available for free online in the meantime. Here's a good example, where tens of thousands of pieces have been made available online by the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Collection

Livestreamed Puppetry!

In light of the recent pandemic, the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts is broadcasting their performances online for free. They've got shows, workshops, and even digital tours of the museum. Check them out!

Center for Puppetry Arts Hosting Live Performances for Free

50 Years of Indigenous Films Available for Free

Thanks to the National Film Board of Canada, there are thousands of films available online at the click of a button. Their archives contain decades of art, history, and culture, with everything from animations to documentaries.

Canadian NFB's Indigenous Cinema

Art Basel Hong Kong Joins the Wave of Digital Art Shows

In response to the Coronavirus outbreaks, the team behind Art Basel has decided to develop online viewing rooms. Though it seems the show that was slated to happen in Basel has been delayed, dealers and gallery owners alike seem to agree that online displays and even sales could be the way of the future as enthusiasts seem to become more and more comfortable with purchasing pieces from trusted galleries and well-known artists.

Art Galleries Respond to Virus Outbreak With Online Viewing Rooms

Leafly's 4/20 Digital Event List

From debut screenings to album releases, glass blowing to performance art, Leafly has compiled a list of digital gatherings to keep the creativity going on this 4/20. There's enough variety to ensure there's something for everyone.

Best 4/20 livestreams, concerts, and seshes of the cannabis holiday

A New Coalition Offers Support for Artists Effected by COVID-19

Made up of a handful of art organizations, a new coalition called Art Relief has begun offering financial assistance to artists who've lost income with all of the business closings. Raising $11.6 million already, the group intends to keep distributing grants every week until September.

For Artists in Need, a New Coalition Brings $11.6 Million in Speedy Relief

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Anthony R. Brass is best known for his surreal hand trees and his vibrantly painted landscapes. He believes “it is the artist job to share their unique perspective on the world” and desires to enlighten peoples lives by sharing the beauty the universe has to offer. His work has been described as being very thought provoking in an uncanny, yet beautiful manor.

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