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Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen For Good

A few months ago, a group of award-winning chefs from Metro Detroit came together and decided to put their skills to use cooking for those in need. Today, with assistance from all across the community in the form of food donations, they're still at it. Not only that, they're pumping out about 400 meals every day. They call themselves Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen for Good, and they work to make sure that Detroiters know they haven't been forgotten about.

Metro Detroit chefs work together to feed 400 people each day

Detroit Restaurants Facing Potential Trouble as Warm Weather Winds Down

As restrictions and plans of action become more defined, many restaurants have been able to reopen by making use of outdoor seating to help provide a safe environment for customers. However, as several people in the industry are pointing out, the warm season that makes those patios welcoming is drawing to an end. Without the income that these customers have brought, those restaurants will be forced to rely on government assistance, which many are saying is too inefficient to be a solution.

Metro Detroit restaurants navigate pandemic perils with little government help

Restaurants Host 4/20 Meal Deals

In an effort to keep people from venturing into the store for munchies this 4/20, a few fast food chains like Del Taco, Panda Express, and others have put out package deals and discounts to take advantage of the predicted rise in snacking.

Food deals replace the cancelled cannabis celebrations

Stores Are Beginning to Limit Meat Purchases Per Customer

With the closing of factories and meat processing plants due to the quarantine, the food supply chain in the country has begun to break down. Experts are saying that the general population may begin to feel this pressure more in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, Costco and Kroger are beginning to implement limits on how much fresh meat each customer can buy.

Costco Limiting How Much Meat You Can Buy As Food Shortage Loomsv

Corona Fears Shouldn't Stop You From Ordering Takeout

According to experts, social distancing and concerns about the Coronavirus shouldn't prevent you from safely enjoying your favorite restaurants. Many still offer take-out; just make sure to be safe while getting your food. Check out this article from NPR to see learn more.

How Safe Is It To Eat Takeout?

Farmers Effected by the Coronavirus Turn to Technology to Distribute Their Produce

Across the country, farmers are turning to technology in order to get their products to consumers in the wake of store and restaurant closures. From small business owners in Seattle to large networks in Oregon, alternative methods are being presented to keep food on people's plates while holding to the interest of keeping people safe and healthy.

Farmers embracing techology could revolutionize how we get our produce

Eating Abroad Safely

Restaurants are closing down to help reduce chances of infection, but many are still open and offering takeout or delivery. Here are a few things that you can do to help make sure your favorite spots make it through to the other side.

5 Ways To Help Your Favorite Restaurant Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

New York Sikh Center

Have some news this week from New York, where the Sikh Center has prepared over 30,000 meals for Americans who are in self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreaks. At times like this, we could all do with a reminder that there's still some good will out there.

Sikh Center of New York Prepares Over 30,000 Meals...

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