February 1st, 2019

Very Detroit Radio ( Episode 89 )

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dance means of the wedding now dance dance and dance welcome both of us beneath our love with oh yeah dance then same to the children who are asking to be damned smase that are kisses How about more grace raise your tantos shelter now though every thread is taught that to the end.

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All right, a little Leonard Cohen to get us going. This is Danko. Souter AUSkey and you're listening to very Detroit radio welcome and we are honored to be able to broadcast here from am 690 special co host today that I have with me. My mentor my friend, my partner her Martin, actually dr. herb love Martin. Welcome. Welcome herb. How are you today?

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If I was any better, I'd be you.

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Oh man, thank you very much. What did you think of that song herb this shows about love today. This is our love show?

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Well, I think that's the best thing in life and life itself. The love and caring the the magic of it?

Speaker 1 5:27

Absolutely. Well, that's why we wanted to talk about it because not only is it Valentine's coming up, but also just recently, just to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King and his message of love. So, all these things today, we're gonna we're gonna kind of go in a few different directions. First up, we're going to have Dr. biter, which is a sex therapist and has created his own measuring system for sexual preferences, which has created the biter sexual preference indicator survey. So he's going to be coming on shortly. Also a little bit later, we're going to have Woodward throwbacks from Hamtramck calling in a repurposing place in Hamtramck after that M 69 products, and we're going to check and see what the road conditions are up in the up after this polar vortex up there, and there'll be calling in later to, then to finalize up the show. We're going to have grand joy, a artist here locally and has been doing so many great things in the area for so long. Alright, so I want to go ahead and start with our first caller. John, are you there? Hello. So just to be clear for our audience, this is Dr. John biter. Correct? Correct. Thank you. All right. Thank you for calling in. So firstly, I wanted to just kind of start off the show to discuss a little bit about the nonprofit that you've started. John, tell us a little bit about what the health bell.com sig stands for.

Unknown Speaker 7:20

Okay. So it was born out of the work volunteer work that I do with the Michigan Men's Health Foundation. Every year they take over Forbes field, or Ford Field. Sorry.

Speaker 1 7:32

That's when we met. Yeah, that's right. Right. And

Unknown Speaker 7:35

they basically provide free Men's Health Care screenings. To my knowledge, I'm the only psychologist that ever volunteers every year. So I've been doing it for five years now. And in talking with Dr. Michael Lutz who, the Chair of the Foundation, you know, I've had discussions on how do you get men to be more proactive around taking care of their health. So that's kind of where the symbol came from. So what I did is I took the woman's pink ribbon and I hung a pair of boxing gloves off of it, because everybody associates the word sight when they see the gloves, so and then made it silver. So it's non gender related, so anyone can really fight for their health, because we and ultimately, we all fight for our health. It's not the medication, it's not the doctors, not the hospitals, we individually are responsible for that

Speaker 1 8:26

well even seems more now than ever, that we have to be aware of what we're putting in our bodies, what we're doing with ourselves and how we're interacting with all these different things that weren't around before.

Unknown Speaker 8:39

Right, right. Yeah, and I wanted to create a non technology based little, I don't know, reminder, to help you take care of your health. And the way I describe it is as you won't hear the little, the little silver bell ring all the time, but you will hear it sometimes. And then the most important thing you can do is when you hear that little bell a little time is just to stay to yourself every day in every way, I'm getting better and better. Because your mind helps your body heal. It's not the other way around. So if you're not taking advantage of that opportunity, you're missing a big benefit for yourself.

Speaker 1 9:14

And that's kind of like the bell the significance of the little bell ringing gives you that reminder throughout the day. Right. That's interesting. Um, so are our health is that top priority, and I agree with you going to the event. You were the only psychologist there but it seems like there could have been so many people to take advantage of that men's health screening. I mean, what an amazing thing that's offered for free in our city. Yeah, beautiful. Yeah. So the message we were going to promote it for sure this year. It's a free event and I'm sure you're going to be there again this year. John. Yeah. Great. Um, another so since we are coming into Valentine's Day here. And the interesting thing that I didn't really know about you, when I met you was that you had created this sexual preference indicator test.

Unknown Speaker 10:15

Correct? It's a little survey, it's actually I wrote it as a communications tool. Okay, when I, when I first started practicing as a psychologist after I graduated, and I specialized in sex therapy, the clients that I were working with, were asking me, Hey, we want to be able to talk about sex in a way that's non threatening, non judgmental, and wait for us to get to know each other, you know, on a more intimate level, can you help us find something. So I'm not going to say I'm the biggest researcher on the internet. But I, after a cursory review, I couldn't find anything. So with my background in the business world, and having been familiar with some of the assessment tools that were out there, I decided that there was a particular format that would probably work well and get people to open the discussion. And that's really what happened. So the survey is comprised of 90 items, 48, or questions. 42 are word choice pairs. And you, you're basically are going to in what I encourage couples to do, or partners to do is have one person sit at the keyboard and have the other person looking over the shoulder and seeing if you can answer for each other,

Speaker 1 11:25

to be able to double check and be honest for each other as well. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 11:28

And then it really does open to discussion. And it's meant to be you know, pleasurable, fun, intimate. It's not meant to start an argument. It's a communications tool,

Speaker 1 11:38

right? I took it this morning, by the way, and I'm a di e a dominant preference. I don't know what that that's good or bad, but that's what I became.

Unknown Speaker 11:50

There's no good or bad associated with it. Again, it's just a preference. I like to explain it to people. It's like, you know, if you need a caffeine jolt to get started in the morning, you know, if you take a coffee versus a can of Coke, I mean, what's the difference? Right? One's cold, one's hot, it

Speaker 1 12:06

doesn't matter about 40 grams of sugar, John, you know, speaking of health,

Unknown Speaker 12:14

well, some people pound that sugar in their coffee, too. So I guess you could even

Speaker 1 12:19

Yeah, I'm a coffee guy. So but I hear you, you know, you're getting that same stimulation from one or the other. I want to ask herb here, Herb is a psychotherapist trained by Albert Ellis. And I want his take on how does sex play into love? What are your thoughts her

Unknown Speaker 12:44

thought is it depends on the person itself. And the self talk that they use about their possibilities of getting what they want from each other. So if that being so it's, it's not so broad, and I people say it's like a car running into each other. And, and sometimes, and the expression of that feeling is very important is about whatever happens in that accident and that confusion, that go between the people that are having a problem with that. And so it's treatment for it. And whatever your your feelings are very important, and what emotion

Speaker 1 13:40

you're talking emotions and emotions. Okay, John, what do you say about what's the what's key points in there?

Unknown Speaker 13:51

Well, for me, it's always around communication. You know, a lot of people come to see me for sexual related issues, but the underlying component is always about communication. So I think that's the foundation and I'm a big believer motor just said, you know, you know, your mind creates your reality. So, you know, in talking about nutrition, careful what you're feeding that I think a lot of people to use the metaphor feed their minds beer and can be non stop, right? You know, and don't think about putting the protein and vegetables in there and like, you know, in positive thinking and positive thoughts and stuff.

Speaker 1 14:28

So what does that how can that change, a sexual experience?

Unknown Speaker 14:34

Well, being fully present to your partner, I would say by not, if you're harping on the negative that means you're basically maintaining a view of your life through the rearview mirror. You're looking at everything as a past experience, as opposed to being fully present to your partner right now. And that would be I think, if I had one Tip to give people learn to be completely present to your partner and your sexual experience will change dramatically.

Speaker 1 15:07

Well, I hear you, but I'm afraid that a lot of people can't do that.

Unknown Speaker 15:16

Okay, I mean,

Speaker 1 15:17

just being present for almost anything seems challenging, right in today's world. So how can how can our audience get ready for sex to be present? What are some tips herb, you got anything to say?

Unknown Speaker 15:30

Well, I think if somebody comes to me, I look at their problem. And in this regard, and then examine exactly what they mean, and what they say, and how they follow up on it, how they make a sort of a, a belief in themselves know who they are, and what they want. Clarification come from information. And first of all, it has to come from those who understand themselves, and also not to negate how the other person might feel.

Speaker 1 16:15

So I'm not to interrupt you, but I like what you're saying is, um, and John helped me help me out here is I think I'm always using feedback, like constant feedback from the other person all the time. So how do we become more aware of that?

Unknown Speaker 16:39

If you're asking me that question, the feedback is, let me let me here, let me refer you to a book written by Mary Roach called bonk. She was a researcher who wanted to basically find out on the planet who was having the best sex. Okay, that's a good thing to do. And she found it, she found her answer. This is a spoiler alert, because she had given us at the very end of her book, but she basically says that she found her answer in an obscure document written by masters and Johnson's back in the day when they ran the sexual clinics and allow people to come in and observe them having sex. So what they found was, Mary's conclusion was that same sex couples had the best sex. And then she kind of laughs and says, Does that mean I have to change my sexual orientation as the best sex? No, you don't. But there was something very telling and what happened with those couples versus the heterosexual couples that they witnessed? They the heterosexual couples are more concerned about and you could use this as feedback. And my two short my two tall my two fat, am I too skinny? Am I do I last long enough, Was I too short, whatever. And the same sex couples, the person giving the pleasure was just as aroused as the person receiving the pleasure and wanted to intensify it and extend it that's being fully present to your partner and also relying on feedback. So when I see my partner is like, you know, her her breath, is, you know, starting to get really rapid and shallow. Obviously, I'm doing something right. So how can I continue that experience for her? And that also brings me pleasure, then it it's a, as they say, a win win for both of us.

Speaker 1 18:27

That's a it's a simple way to, to really explain a but not so easy to do. Right? I mean, it sounds simple. But there's all these things that people, first of all, it's confidence writer, I think that's number one. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:44

I think being careful about what you say, and then try to look at what they say. And I think it's a problem for men particularly think they cause the relationship and what they want. And, and, and they sometimes brag themselves to themselves and not looking at their partner, and being able to communicate as he refers to that. And so,

Speaker 1 19:19

so like, men aren't looking all the time to extend the pleasure of the other partner. As much as what John was saying. Just a second ago. Yeah, yeah. Hmm. So how could men get better at that? John?

Unknown Speaker 19:40

I actually have an answer for that you do.

Unknown Speaker 19:45

In this one, this is where it is. Simple, but it's not easy. Is stop making sex all about performance? Yeah, make it about pleasure, fun and intimacy. It's just it's basically A shift in mindset. But it's, it's not easy.

Speaker 1 20:04

See, as I mean, for me, as I've aged, I noticed that it's, I mean, I'd rather have a longer experience and more of a, you know, a, like a long story instead of a quick haiku. You know, I mean, so. Yeah. So I think as I've aged, more I, I tap into more of the emotional component for myself, is that true for most men are not.

Unknown Speaker 20:36

However you want to take time?

Unknown Speaker 20:38

I think in the first place, I raised the question. If I go out with a woman, and I like her, and she likes me, we get together. And I know that's another person. And so I raised the question, how do you like it? How do you want things done? While you're in the process of in the process before anything else is like, I like this. It's like, if I like a suit and you don't write, then you're not. You say, then I would rather tell you and be open with it. Right? And then I don't have to go through the tribulations of confusion, right. Confusion is an awful thing. Sure. And which that merely means that is, we don't have a joint picture of how are we going to be? First of all, all people pick certain people. And it's something they like about them. Usually, it's the physical. Yeah, it's a look is the physical, everything that they choose. And women do choose? Oh, yeah. And yeah, and men think they choose.

Speaker 1 21:58

John, is that true? Is that true? Done? Who the women choose?

Unknown Speaker 22:03

Oh, absolutely. There, you got to have chemistry. You gotta have chemistry, if you don't have the chemistry, you're pushing a noodle uphill.

Speaker 1 22:16

So, so going back to your test, I mean, you were interviewed by the Playboy channel, right? And why did they want to interview you so bad?

Unknown Speaker 22:27

There wasn't anything else out there. I mean, and, you know, there wasn't anything else out there in the realm of? Well, first of all, I guess, from an academic perspective, a psychologist doing it and not turning it into some, maybe a lead to a pornography site or something like that. But somebody that was really serious about helping couples communicate with one another, because they realize the benefit, when we're, your sexual life, basically, will, will, I'll say, exponentially improve, if you can start allowing yourself to be vulnerable. So that's why the survey is, I think, as successful as it is, because it allows people to do that kind of in the comfort of their own home. And, and no one's judging you. So you have an opportunity to be yourself if you choose, if you choose to do so.

Speaker 1 23:20

All now I'm scared because if it goes exponentially, I don't know where it's gonna go from here, John, but I mean, it's about communication. I think what you know what I'm what I'm hearing from both you guys is that ask your partner, like be present, understand, kind of get the feedback, nonverbal verbal herb saying verbal, verbal, um, I like I get a lot of feedback from the nonverbal a lot of times so it's like this a combination, but uh, you know, asking the question, and opening the conversation about some of the things that may not may not be so easy to talk about in your daily life. But if you take this test now, how can someone take this test, John,

Unknown Speaker 24:07

so it's, it's free website is the www, its B as in my last name biter. S, as in sexual T as in preference. I as an indicator, survey, su R V. y.com. Okay. And the only thing that's required of you is you're going to have to put in your email address at the end to get the results. Because that's how we're capturing, you know, kind of the numbers I've had 300,000 people around the world take it, we don't advertise on it, and yet, you know, it seems to find its way out there. You know, if I could just make one other comment based on our conversation here is like, you know, the verbal versus the nonverbal, like one of the things that I would say, you know, when you're saying what could guys do? I wrote a blog years ago, comparing how men can take care of their sexual relationships by the way, they take care of their cars. Okay? You know, in Detroit, hey, we're the Motor City People love their cars, right? And when you love your car, your car doesn't, you know, isn't honking in the garage saying, hey, come down here and wash me, I'm 30. Right? You're down there and put in the effort, I'm saying, we need to do the same things for our sexual relationships. Like, think about how well you take care of your car, and how much you invest in it, are you investing the same in your relationship? So I mean, the the metaphor of polishing it is give her a sensual massage, right? So and you don't need to be asked to do things just and and I think the main thing guys could take away anything from the conversation is, is keep the desire for your partner alive. That will keep your relationship really healthy. Because when somebody feels like you want them more than anything else on this planet, you're gonna have a great relationship.

Speaker 1 26:04

So really just be, you know, I was watching one of our old shows her been talking about, like, on the old Ed Sullivan show or something like that there was this guy that would be constantly spinning all these different plates at one time. And so to keep that relationship, that sexual relationship going, there's got it, there's a lot of things you got to tune into at one time, and keep going for it to be a success. It seems like there's not just one little thing. There's it's a it's a it's, but it starts with caring. And it starts with that respect for the other partner. John, it's been a pleasure to have you on here. Again, it's the health bell.com Is your nonprofit, right? And what you get with that is you when you go there, you will see it's an inspiration to stay healthy. And what what is there anything else you want to just touch on about that? Before we let you go, John?

Unknown Speaker 27:07

Yeah, we're trying to touch a million lives. So my wife and I actually started this because we realized that when people complete cancer treatment in any major hospital anywhere in the world, there's a tradition for the patient to ring a bell to signify the end of chemo or radiation. We originally created the bell because we wanted the, the patients to receive one of these. So when we sell the bells, basically, we're just turning all the proceeds back into the foundation and we buy more bells because in our travels, we meet so many people who are fighting a serious illness. But it's gone from just more than just cancer to you know, it can be leukemia, pancreatic, it can be, you know, dementia, Alzheimer's, it can be really anything. If you listen on the on the news media, every time you hear about somebody's illness, it's always a fight. So that's why we kind of build our little symbol around us boxing gloves, because everybody's fighting for their house, and we want to be able to help them do that. So that's if you can help us touch that million lives. We are, you know, We're all grateful not just my wife and I, we're all grateful because we're helping each other

Speaker 1 28:15

excellent and noble mission, I everything that you're doing, I think is for the greater good. All the way around. If relationships can be stronger, our society can be stronger. And if we can be healthier, we can we can be kinder to each other. So thank you so much for calling in today and have a safe trip. You bet and have a safe trip to Australia. It sounds like I'm gonna have a blast there.

Unknown Speaker 28:44

Yeah, we're excited. Take. All right, be good. Okay. Nice to meet you.

Unknown Speaker 28:49

Nice to meet you.

Speaker 1 28:50

Wow. Thank you, John. That was a great talk from the inventor of the biter sexual preference indicator test. So just to comment a few things here. I want to thank some of our people that have contributed and had been with us health markets and Troy visit them if you have any health insurance questions M dash 60 nine.com products, C chord solutions.com A Iot programming embedded firm. teasers boutiques over on the avenue of fashion visit with mu keys on Greenfield two locations there. And we just wanted to let people know that insole yoga has some special classes that they offer at the gridwall building for city employees. Check them out at INCEL yoga has website. Next up we have Bo from Woodward throwbacks Are you there? Hello. Are you there?

Unknown Speaker 29:54

Yes. Can you hear me?

Speaker 1 29:55

Yeah. Hi. How are you? Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 29:56

I'm good. Thanks for having me. How are you guys? Oh,

Speaker 1 29:59

Great. Did you get a chance to hear our last list? Caller?

Unknown Speaker 30:05

I heard the last bit very interesting. I kind of wish I was able to tune in earlier.

Speaker 1 30:10

Yeah, well, you can always catch it later we'll post it up on our our different things. But, um, what a great thing you guys are doing in Hamtramck. You're from Woodward throwbacks, right?

Unknown Speaker 30:22

Yes, I am one of the owners. So it's me my partner, Kyle. Okay. He's currently at running errands.

Speaker 1 30:29

I mean, so like that. What I thought was great was that in order to do what you do, which is explained to our audience, what would throwbacks actually does?

Unknown Speaker 30:43

So we're directors of reclaimed wood working company, based in Hamtramck, we used to be in southwest. So pretty much we make home decor and furniture out of reclaimed wood and found objects. We started about five or six years ago. And so pretty much we're really big on, you know, saving as much of Detroit great manufacturing history. We're super anti landfill. Yeah, so we, yeah, we're super ego friendly. Yeah. So be permitted to have like a architectural warehouse situation where we resell all of the found materials that we collect, as well as lumber.

Speaker 1 31:22

So you're actually perfect for our show today, because this is the love show. And we're kind of having this show, because it's February, Valentine's Day is coming. And we are also you know, acknowledging Dr. Martin Luther King's history, and all of his accomplishments, but what you're doing is actually showing love to old Detroit products in our history, which is pretty, pretty great. Not too many people are doing this right now.

Unknown Speaker 31:55

Yeah, it's um, it's definitely a labor of love. I feel like you have to really love what you're doing. You know, we get a lot of people who are just like, oh, reclaim what should be a lot cheaper or should be x y&z And it's like, no, like, you know, it's not like it's super expensive, but there's a lot of love and care that you know, goes into it where, you know, we have to source the product, and then we have to disassemble it from its original state. And then we have to break it down when it comes to like cutting D nailing sanding. So there's a lot that goes into it before we can sell it back to the public.

Speaker 1 32:27

Yeah, and some of the other pieces you had in your place. I walked in there multiple times. And I'm like, just don't make things like that anymore. One of a Kind might not ever find this piece anywhere. Do you have a website where people could see some of the product?

Unknown Speaker 32:45

Yeah, our Instagram is really big. We're really big on social media. So if you just do what Bert throwbacks on all our social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, but if you go onto www dot Wilbert, throwbacks comm you'll find our whole website with all the products we make, and some of the really cool pieces, that'd be fine.

Speaker 1 33:04

Let me ask you this. So I bet you there's a lot of people out there that think, Wow, this is just junk, I'm gonna throw it away and whatever. Um, how do you handle stuff like that? Do you talk with Pete? Do they call you? Do you take people's,

Unknown Speaker 33:19

like donations? Yeah, we actually get, we get a lot of calls. So we, we actually work with a lot of local contractors and demo crews. So it's one of those things where we save them money in terms of fees. And we also get to see and, you know, stop that from going to landfill by taking those materials. So we get a lot of calls from contractors, but just also residents in neighborhood who, you know, have doors in their garage that they're trying to clean out. But yeah, then usually when people send us emails we always ask for provide photos. Because there's definitely even though we love taking everything sometimes, you know, we get occasionally the junk where it's just like, okay, like, there's nothing we could do with this therapies.

Speaker 1 34:01

What, what is the craziest thing that you've ever had come in so far?

Unknown Speaker 34:09

I wouldn't say crazy, but interesting thing, let's say that, that had a lot of history. It was probably 1900s it was a broken, like, ice cart wagon. So like pretty much like back in the 1900s they would like roll the street with a huge ice block on this car and had huge like caster wheels. Yeah, and this guy just had it in his garage. I forgot where he got it from. But he donated to us and like we use the word like we've assembled it obviously, we were able to use a wood for a different project and we actually still have the wheels. But I think the perfect to like turn it into a table or just as the core but I thought that was pretty cool. So I've never seen one before.

Speaker 1 34:51

Yeah. Another thing that's cool is I you know, I they're right on Joseph Joseph acampo. They're her bright not too far from the old clock restaurant used to To be and I grew up on Wayland. So, like right across the street from you the party store. I mean, so you're right in my wheelhouse. So I, you know, I wanted to have you on my show, I thought I think what you're doing is so great for the city. You're centrally located. You got a really nice store too. So folks visit where throwbacks, they've got a great, great place and I love that you're repurposing everything and showing Detroit some love. Keeping that those old things going for our city is important, I think. So Yeah, most definitely. Um, thank you so much for calling in. If there's anything else that you want to just shout out to anyone here while you're on the radio. Um,

Unknown Speaker 35:42

I would just say check out you know, all our social platforms definitely come in for open from Tuesday to Friday, 10 to six and then Saturday. 10 to four. You're always welcome. But yeah, if you have a project, we're definitely here to help.

Speaker 1 35:54

Alright, well, thank you very much. Woodward. throwbacks, you have a great day. Appreciate your calling on YouTube. All right, I'm really cool place where we'll have to go down there sometime and check out some of their different products that they have.

Unknown Speaker 36:07

You know, a man Yeah, a man came in a friend of mine. He showed me a wad from one of those places for 200 years. And one of these old too, you know, yeah. Wow. And he said people won't believe this. And I said, Yeah, I believe it because you know, when you want trains years back that clock had to be perfectly on time it had to be a precision precision because the 20th and they use that is a machine like of course the hit

Speaker 1 36:50

Diamond that was about that's that's how they ran the whole everything that turned it on that had to be perfectly in the way things remain the past they were given a lot more attention to

Unknown Speaker 37:00

detail that that watch. He said people won't believe this. So I love it.

Speaker 1 37:05

Next up, we got an we got a caller calling in right now. Uh, Peter, are you there from M 69? How are you?

Unknown Speaker 37:13

I am here and it is very cold up yourself.

Speaker 1 37:17

What? Um, so what's happened with this polar vortex up in the up because you know, we want to show em 69 Some love up there this weekend. Is that going to be possible?

Unknown Speaker 37:28

We need it. I tell you, we got hit with a double dipper. I mean, it came down hard in cold. I'm still shivering. But a couple things. I was listening to the girl from the Woodward throwback. Yeah. He talked a lot about wood. Yes, that's one thing we've got up here is we've got a lot of wood. We've got old wood. We've got fresh wood. We've got a lot of wood up here.

Speaker 1 37:52

Well, that's what I mean that that area is notorious for having a lot of wood,

Unknown Speaker 37:57

wood, and we've got a little problem with these beavers making these dams on our stream. So

Speaker 1 38:03

where are you? Are you? Are you? Okay, so are you um, during the day? Are you pretty much scouting and looking for any beavers that might be causing any problems to, to the to the traffic there on em? 69 is what I'm hearing.

Unknown Speaker 38:18

I wouldn't say 24/7 24/7. We set traps for these beavers. And you know, they are Rhoden. But we when you catch one, we show it as much love as we can. And and then the gentlemen that is in the in the studio with you he was talking about a watch. Yeah, talking about the attention to detail. Well, here on M 69. We don't care about time, sometimes two minutes on M 69. can feel like 10 minutes.

Speaker 1 38:51

Well explain that a little bit, Peter, because you know, I don't know if the doctor would agree. We all want to know,

Unknown Speaker 39:02

sometimes if you're with somebody that one person might only say, you know, that only felt like two minutes. But yet the other person might say Well, to me that felt more like 10 minutes. So time is kind of a perspective on a lot of levels. And if we're concerned about time, then and we're putting too much of an emphasis on time. We should be more concerned with the quality within those couple of minutes.

Speaker 1 39:26

i Well, that makes sense. Have you got anything to say to that?

Unknown Speaker 39:29

Well, I'm saying that, I guess when I looked at that situation, it drove me to think about the necessity of that time that I talked about. And that and being so is something that it's a valuable thing, because it gives you information on what people did and When the we didn't have the fancy things that we have now,

Speaker 1 40:04

right? What? What is fancy up there? Peter, you got anything fancy up there on M 69? Or no?

Unknown Speaker 40:10

We're just you know, old school. We

Speaker 1 40:14

hold on Peter, we got a caller calling that. Uh, hello, Tracy, are you there? Tracy, are you there? Hi. Hi. You're calling in to talk for to see what M 69 products is up to today. So you are interested in going to the up right?

Unknown Speaker 40:34

Yeah, in the deep north. Yeah. Peter

Speaker 1 40:36

Tracy wants to travel. Is it safe to travel? To I'm 69.

Unknown Speaker 40:44

Well, let's just say once we get on, we might want to get off. Track Yeah. Well,

Speaker 1 40:53

not according to Dr. Brighter that's not true.

Unknown Speaker 40:55

Let's not worry about time constraints. Let's just say the first exit we get off might be a little bit quicker than the second the third. But trust me once you're on that road, you're gonna want to stay on it.

Unknown Speaker 41:08

I know sometimes. These new drivers, you know, they need to get going a little bit.

Speaker 1 41:13

What's the what's the best gear that usually that you should be in there, Peter, when you're up there on em. 69 Would you say?

Unknown Speaker 41:21

Well, it's funny you said that. It's very funny said that because I like to skip the first three years. Oh, and I go. Yeah, I just go right. I go right, the fourth gear and I keep it there.

Speaker 1 41:31

I'm wondering if you have the emotional capacity that we need for the biter test. Tracy, did you take that biter test?

Unknown Speaker 41:39

I did take it actually. And it was good. I was expecting it to take along a long time. But

Unknown Speaker 41:48

what what is the biter test? I missed that part of the show.

Speaker 1 41:51

Okay. Well, that's the most important part of the show. This show is about love Peter, and the biter sexuality preference indicator test, Dr. biter, the creator and was also interviewed on playboy. Nice. So he was explaining similar to the Myers Briggs Personality Test. This is just sexual preference.

Unknown Speaker 42:16

Oh, okay. Okay, because it scared me because if we're going down a rough patch, yeah. And I'm 69 and Tracy's with me, and and maybe we hit a bump. That's a little too hard. Would she at that particular moment? Would I want at that particular moment? Would you would you bite, like, Okay, so we're traveling. I really wonder you'd hope that I wouldn't know exactly. That's what I'm worried about.

Unknown Speaker 42:47

You should worry, actually. Well,

Speaker 1 42:48

I think it has a lot to do with the suspension of the vehicle, you know, so I'm gonna say damper. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, how big are the rim? And the tires?

Unknown Speaker 43:00

Peter? Well, okay, well, that that being said, I have my my rims and tires are small. But I low rider, low rider. I like to under promise and under deliver. Deliver. You sure you want to come up? Are you sure you want to come up for her eyes? No. No,

Speaker 1 43:28

well, listen, Tracy, we appreciate you calling in you have just won the M 69x. Ray, sunglasses. Peter, can you tell her what those are all about?

Unknown Speaker 43:41

They're a little scary. And sometimes you see things when you put these things on that you don't want to see. There's the old saying a pitcher takes is worth 1000 words, I think or something like that. Yeah. About pitchers anymore. Because this baby goes right through everything. Gallia Ray vision

Unknown Speaker 44:00

Superman glasses,

Unknown Speaker 44:03

doing the right thing

Speaker 1 44:05

to be able to see what no man or woman has seen.

Unknown Speaker 44:10

or want to know.

Speaker 1 44:14

So lucky. Thank you so much, guys for calling in. We appreciate it. And M das 60 nine.com You guys have a wonderful day. We'll talk to you soon.

Bye bye. All right, what an interesting combination here and what's happening up there. And I'm 60 9am das 69 herb is a highway that we've gotten behind. You're familiar with the highway. Have you been on it before? Yeah. All right. I mean, I like to get on there as much as I can. I like to stay away

Unknown Speaker 44:48

from it. guts guts no way I can sue

Speaker 1 47:05

All right, a little song, Tainted Love we just had on there herb. And next up we have another guest, Glen joy. Glen, are you there? Yes, I'm here. Hi, Gwen, welcome to the show. Appreciate you calling in. If some of our listeners saw that we are have you on our show today you are a an artist, amongst other things. Tell us a little bit about who Glenn joy is.

Unknown Speaker 47:36

Okay, sure.

Unknown Speaker 47:37

Well, I can't pretty much came up with my ideology. When I 1984 Basically, due to a lot of life experience that I had, and I remember a lot and I process things in a healthy manner. Actually, believe it or not. And I have a lot of neurological conditions from like a lot of things that happened to me Wait, well, that I was born with and then other things that have happened to me when I was way too young like have an extreme PTSD and you know, attention deficit and like a few other three other neurological conditions I have being born with on that one, probably affected by deafness till it was cleared up when I was five and a half. That was probably definitely sparked some synesthesia, or probably give someone a much stronger case of it, having a sense, repressed like that. But I am an autodidact. So I have I kind of learn everything as I go in process things and try to make sense of the landscape and what's around me even though a lot of times what's around me lacks logic, and emotional intelligence and people when people just rake lack logic, I try to come up with the solutions on my own because I don't really try to tolerate the what's subpar around me, I try to make sense of stuff. My basic gist is that, for 1984, from what I experienced, the extreme stuff I experienced is that most people overall have an extreme lack of intelligence in sex and economics. And it pretty much is dire and it affects everything around us. And I try to live my life accordingly. And stick with people that actually have memory that can remember and kind of have ethics. So that's how I live and that's what my art is about. And I'll make the toys they need understanding homes. Usually they're compacted from recycled materials. That's an earthy ethic to have and taking like a clown and a human a clown and a non something like that. Also, I tend to with religion fall into a knot. I'm like agnostic, but I have Buddhist tendencies from the time I was 1984. Again, trying to make sense of what was around me. But yeah, like the toys definitely have a spiritual quality and the my necklaces have definitely connect with other cultures because I find other cultures other than my own, which overall my own culture from young age was pretty much lack of logic and emotional IQ. So I find other cultures extremely comforting like a lot of other performers and creative people have in the past. And that's how I am and don't really make apologies. There are some people in my own culture that I'm comfortable with, I just judge in on a case by case and I do remember things, so I have to use my memory. So there is that, um, and my website is Gwen joy, that calm. And coming up on Monday, I'm going to be doing a short set of baker's keyboard lounge, and comedy night. That's because I have a I have kind of has sharp sense of humor from living through all this. Trying to make logic and my humor is kind of morbid, and I don't apologize for that. And I just kind of, well, I'm going to be talking about I'm gonna have my huge Grace Jones painting with me in a tantric sex book because you already know what I think the two lack of intelligence is that overall, most people have, I'm going to be talking about that and a really humorous on his end, and I find it hilarious date with an individual, a white guy that lacked, you know, lots of intelligence in different areas. And yeah, he chose to think maybe Grace Jones needed to do some crunches, even though I had told him on the date, I was a huge fan before we went on the date. And I wanted to see a movie and he couldn't, I guess shut his trap and be a functional human. You know, as Franklin See, I'm not gonna say a swear word. So he chose to be a disappointment, like far too many. But I made a huge painting out of it, Grace Jones, Josephine Baker.

Speaker 1 52:01

And we'll be able to see that and we'll be able to see that at Baker's on Monday, correct

Unknown Speaker 52:05

me my tantric sex book I'm going to be held as a prop just because I think a lot of people are severely impaired to be honest with you.

Speaker 1 52:12

Should I bring my Tantra tantric sex book? Or no, you can. Mine's bigger than yours. I'm really good on

Unknown Speaker 52:19

the fly with interacting with people and you do have a decent sounding voice and I do judge people by the quality of their voice because your emotions actually are somewhat in your voice. Unfortunately for some people, just a little joke there but actually, I I have my toys and jewelry at mo CAD modern contemporary museum of art. I have my necklaces at 14 East Cafe Rachel Right by the DIA. I have my toys at flips I record in Klaasen and also in girl your house. Yeah. And then I have two different are my work is that omelet, waffles, waffle an omelet cafe and there's one employment in one in Northville. The one in Northville has this really great, modernist vibe. Mid Century modernist and it's really gorgeous in there. And they make really good food. I do like food a lot. And

Speaker 1 53:20

on that guys, I'm going to lock

Unknown Speaker 53:23

my senses are having all this surprise? Oh, yeah, correct. And I am going to be, I'm actually going to be doing a podcast with two very innovative women that have survived a lot themselves, it's going to be called Sheila in the gig. And it's going to be premiering on Valentine's Day just about being a woman and trying to maybe be in the music industry or try to be artists and actually thriving despite a lot of all limitations that other people try to put on you that you might not want to accept because maybe you're too logical well is and then I'm going to be doing an art show with six other artists it's going to be called the erratic rat seminar of to 2019 and that's just combining my two beliefs of what people lack intelligence in and it'll be a show about maybe having those types of intelligence and trying to turn it around and create work. And maybe people can concentrate and get over their limitations. And there'll be a performance art aspects in the art will be all very innovative. And that'll be at bread art and Detroit. It'll be from six to midnight on April 13. So it'll be spring and everybody will be in a I believe a perkier mood because I'm imagining and it'll be warmer out and like you can maybe have a conversation or two with someone you enjoy that day. Listen to some good music sounds like a great right where something that you like Whatever that might be

Speaker 1 55:01

kind of my two top. Yeah. All right. Hey, Glenn. Guess what we got wizard from tangent gallery is gonna join us here. Hey wizard, a wizard. Wizard. Are you there?

Unknown Speaker 55:15

I'm here. I'm here.

Speaker 1 55:16

Wizard. Welcome to our show. We have Glenn here. She explained all of her great things that are happening. I just wanted everybody to kind of tune in together. We've got her Martin, we've got Gwen joy. And now we have the wizards wisdom wizard. What can you tell us from all this?

Unknown Speaker 55:36

Well, no, very add on time. All right. So I, you know, what, what happened to me was, I was listening to the show, I heard you guys talking about time hearing, some of mine started turning, we're gonna do a different thought. But I decided to talk a little bit about time and our perception of it. And, and I, I'm kind of in the same boat as you, Glen, where I live in a haze of experience of maybe like, two to three months, everything beyond that feels like a very long time ago. And I think what it has to do with it has to do with me getting a lot of life and, and me being more present in the moment. And this also goes back to what we taught or what you guys were talking about getting present, you know, you can, you can have experiences in 10 minutes that feel like hours, you know, or one minute that feels like the eternity is this is something that Buddhists have been trying to get across. We think of time is set, each second is a second. But that's intricately connected to the way that your mind works, how fast it's moving. And so if you can learn how to find yourself in the moment, you can extend out those good moments and make them a huge percentage of your life. And an experience of life that's very full, and seems like the time moves. Very slow. They say that time flies when you're having fun, but I think it's actually opposite. You're having a lot of fun. Time feels like it's going very slow. If you're just doing the habitual things every single day. And moving through the motions. Time seems to just sit by a Sox people who had a very, very fast year. But what I found, I talked to them is that generally they're doing the exact same thing every day. And that time just kind of kind of slips away. But, you know, if you're going out and getting life and you're having good experiences with people, it seems like time tends to slow down for you.

Speaker 1 58:02

I think that's that's where we got to kind of wrap up the show here, guys. Glen,

Unknown Speaker 58:07

I like what the wizard said, totally bored in the living in the present is powerful. And it means like you actually retain what's around you. And you actually remember, which is, you know, too far too often doesn't happen. For those around us. It's a great way to it's a great way to live.

Speaker 1 58:25

Be present everybody. Yeah, be present. Thank you, Herb. Thank you, Glenn. Thank you, wizard. Everybody, everybody and be present and get to breakers. On Monday.

Unknown Speaker 58:41

It starts at 9pm and then I might caravans in New Way bar. Later that night I heard the host of the Baker's comedy night said they do a comedy night in New Way on Monday. I hope they do because I personally have some experiences that did happen a new way that are very, very hilarious that I would like to talk about.

Speaker 1 59:00

All right, cool. All right. Thank you. Thank you. I'm 69 products. Thank everybody see courtsolutions healthmarkets McKees teasers and so yoga everyone take care have a great weekend. Thank you say she's going on drive me mad. drive me mad