January 18th, 2019

Very Detroit Radio ( Episode 89 )

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Hello and welcome to very Detroit. My name is Danko. Souter AUSkey, your host and with me today I have Tracy Moy, our sidekick. Hi, Tracy. Hello, hello. Good morning, everybody. This is pre Auto Show week. And they've been doing all kinds of different things here in Detroit in the city is buzzing with auto stuff. We're going to go right to our first caller right now. shotty. Are you there? Yeah, how you doing? Hey, good morning. Good morning. Shadi. Thank you so much for calling into our show very Detroit. shoddy, you are the founder and CEO of pedestrian, correct, correct? Yes. Can you tell our audience a little bit about what pedestrian is?

Unknown Speaker 2:49

Sure. We were a company out of Ann Arbor, X automotive guys that we got together, we took autonomous technology. And instead of moving people, we're applying it to moving things. So we have our first vehicle, which we unveiled this week at the Auto Show, which is about the size of a wheelchair a little bit bigger, and it delivers food and medicine, indoor as well as

Speaker 1 3:12

outdoor, when I saw the unit, I thought this is something very, you know, unique in the way that somebody could, you know, not have to have a whole vehicle and have something in between that. So where did you come up with the concept of the size? for it?

Unknown Speaker 3:31

Yeah, that's a great question. So when we were looking at the concept, we really spent about probably six months studying the different applications, there are really a little bit of a shift in view, I think when we think of mobility and automotive, we have to think about cars, no matter how big or small, four wheels. But for these applications, you really don't need the size, you really need to tailor the size of the vehicle to the solution that you're using, or the problem that you're trying to address. So one of our first application was going to be inside a hospital that delivers medicine, indoor as well as connects to the satellite building outside of that hospital across the street. And to actually operate inside the hospital, we wanted to have something that can navigate the hallways and the doors. So that's why we didn't make it really more than the width of a wheelchair. And that was the that was good enough to transfer everything that the hospital wanted. And it's kind of nicely lend itself if we were doing urban delivery to even retailers. Let's say you're ordering a food or a coffee from across the street or the neighborhood restaurant. That size fits pretty well.

Speaker 1 4:42

Yeah, I love the size actually because I've seen some that are smaller, some that are bigger and then you you start to think well the littler ones I could just throw in my car or what have you and then the bigger ones may not be as practical. Right but Let's just talk about some of the technology shotty. Like, if I'm sitting there and I order medicine on the eighth floor, and I'm down on the first floor, how is the robot going to be able to get up the elevator?

Unknown Speaker 5:15

Yeah, that was your question. Does the recipient have to be upwardly mobile enough to meet the robot where it's at?

Unknown Speaker 5:27

Yeah, no, that's a great question. And question we get asked all the time. And we're working through that issue. But what we what we did on b1 from the get go, we took a smart assistant into integrated through the whole unit. So on that unit, you actually have a nine microphones installed on it, as well as a speaker. Okay, so what so when the the idea is that this is an intelligent vehicle, and you should interact with it in a really unnatural way, if you're a seven year old, or a 70 year old, that doesn't even use an app on a phone. So going back to your example, let's say you're on the eighth floor, or the 18th floor, and this thing, like, let's say New York, or Chicago, usually you have a doorman, so it would let it in or you would be notified that it's downstairs, when we tried to kind of do is kind of sold one thing at a time. So first of all, we go up the curb, so we're capable of going up to 15 centimeter curb height, and two steps or three steps, that's something that we're working towards, and we're going to solve by the end of the year, but at least we can go up one curb, and then when it gets into the building, you know, some of these buildings, you know, unfortunately, some of the technology is not advanced, where we can send a signal to the elevator. So what we do is we stand there, and we ask somebody for help. So b one, which is that's the vehicle name, it will politely ask, you know, can you take me to floor one, and they will go in and go to floor one. And when the doors open, it'll go in and notify you on your phone, or through actually even a phone line, it can it can call directly to your phone, or send you a text. So we have all that worked out. But honestly to to be able to have a robotic arm that touches, let's say, floor 18. It's not difficult for us, it's just cost prohibitive. So we tried not to go that far yet, because the robotic arms have not came down in cost to allow us to really implement this effectively.

Unknown Speaker 7:36

So just be one enter a building and they can it distinguish if somebody is there to help them or not.

Unknown Speaker 7:43

Absolutely. So we have really a sophisticated system, the same systems that you have on autonomous cars that are on the highway being tested right now. So we took top of the line technology from these, and trying to bring it to that size. So you have something with all the LiDAR, which is basically a laser scanner that sees everything, Oh, almost about 10 millimeter meters ahead. And it sees all that as a point of cloud, we take that data, as well as cameras. So we have two types of cameras, something they call depth cameras, and regular cameras. And they can detect if it's a person or an object, and we superimpose the two together and take that information. In addition to we have infrared sensors all around on the bottom, so the v1 is very fully aware of everything around it, it's always assessing, even a couple of meters ahead, if somebody is coming, it can start predicting that this person is going to be coming around and tried to plot a path around it. So it's very smart from that sense.

Speaker 1 8:45

What, um, you know, there's going to be challenges, obviously, as you start to try to try to make these technologies all integrate, right. I mean, the hospital has, obviously Wi Fi but it may not be able to send a signal to the elevator yet because of the elevator technology. Right. But what a vehicle and really so, so good to see Michigan based companies, regional companies here in Detroit doing such marvelous things. shotty. I want to thank you for coming onto our show. And as we see this unit, maybe in places where do you Where are you testing it next?

Unknown Speaker 9:28

So in this summer, you're actually going to see it and Beaumont Hospital of Beaumont has been one of the leading hospitals in technology and we're really very glad to partner with them to do our first pilot, and they have a really an excellent use case they identified from the nursing staff to the pharmacy staff to the leadership at Beaumont, where they have a need. I don't know if you if you know but in the US we have a big shortage of nurses about 50,000 to half a million in the next five years. Have her? Yeah. And for them, there's really a big need to kind of have the nurses work on taking care of patients that have running errands. So what are we going to be doing? They have a cancer center, in Dearborn Beaumont Hospital, where it's about a mile away from the pharmacy center, and they prepare these medicines for the Cancer Center. And they do about 40 to 100 deliveries per day back and forth. As you might imagine that something kind of really mundane for nurses or pharmacy staff to be doing day in, day out. So what we're going to be doing with the one is actually doing those runs back and forth, almost like a train going back and navigating between really patients as well as nurses delivering these medicines. So cancer patients are not waiting and nursing staff as well, as far as pharmacy staff is not really being occupied with these mundane tasks.

Speaker 1 10:53

Well, I It's interesting to see all these new advancements in technology. And it's it's a little bit scary, but we're welcoming it. So thank you so much, Shadi for giving us a call today and telling us about your product. And that's but desertrian.com, right, if some of our audience right

Unknown Speaker 11:12

with it with a B, like boy, so we switched the P with it with a B, and thank you very much for having me. And thank you for your listeners who for taking the time to listen to us.

Speaker 1 11:22

Yes, sir. Have a great rest of the week and take care now. Thanks for it. Yeah, quite interesting. Hi, Tracy, that some of these technologies will be able to shuffle different things and make things more efficient.

Unknown Speaker 11:35

Especially in the hospitals. I think that's a great use. Yeah.

Speaker 1 11:38

Good. Good. Start for that care. Yeah. Um, next up, folks, we have Meilan Stevin. novedge. Meilan. Are you there? Yes, I am. Hello, Milan. How are you today? Almost perfect, as usual. Excellent. Excellent. Milan, you are the vice president. Global Strategy for Detroit China Business Association.

Unknown Speaker 12:02

Correct. I don't know how I fell into this. But I've probably hosted more delegations from China than anybody else in the state of Michigan this decade. Oh,

Speaker 1 12:10

okay. So tell us what is happening with all this. What's the purpose?

Unknown Speaker 12:16

The purpose is to promote Michigan people products and places to a positive light to the local and global audience. We have a focus on mainland China, but I'm supported by the top row class, local and global professional service firms, law firms, banks, CPA firms, real estate companies, insurance companies. And we want to make sure that we have people who know how to do international business. So when we're hosting delegations from China, you're meeting people that could help facilitate deals, matchmaking and get things done.

Unknown Speaker 12:45

Do you speak Chinese like Mandarin? I

Unknown Speaker 12:47

and I have a cute daughter, who has been learning Mandarin and she's four. And she'll be 17 soon, so she'll be handling all my contracts when she's 18. Hmm,

Speaker 1 12:58

that's handy. Yeah, that's handy. So tell us what's happening. Coming up here with the association. Is there some type of meeting coming up?

Unknown Speaker 13:09

Yes. Our annual Chinese New year's gala are literally one of the best in the country. It's not just a thing. People from New York people from DC, who attended all the major galas worldwide. That's going to be Saturday, February 23, at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan. So we have an ambassador sponsors, Bosch, and Molly, we have movie producer, will bill Montel, who produced the movie better angels with Academy Award winning director Malcolm Clark. And it's a really nice movie about Americans living in China and Chinese living in America. And you know, how we should be getting a lot. And it's gonna be an exciting gala for sure.

Speaker 1 13:54

So what is the what's the feeling and climate of some of the Chinese business? People here with some of the things happening with tariffs and trades and whatnot? Where do you feel that's correct.

Unknown Speaker 14:07

15 months has been challenging. We're seeing a lot less governmental delegations, but we are seeing a lot more business people coming into town and snooping around. And here we are in the I would call the transition between the two superpowers, and then Vice Premier for China's coming in at the end of this month. Hopefully, we'll see an agreement that works out really well for everyone. And once that happens, we'll see a major uptick of Chinese investments, and reshoring here and Michigan in the United States, if all goes well, so we're looking at it's going to be could be a really busy third and fourth quarter of 2019 for us here.

Speaker 1 14:46

Okay, so if I'm picturing, you know, working together with China, right. So China wants to take what, what there and what do they want to do here

Unknown Speaker 14:59

so I mean, for example, what we do is we established bilateral relations on the sub national level. So what we've historically we've done is we were hosting like governmental delegations, like mayors, Vice mayors, economic development people, sometimes party secretaries and governors, and province leaders. But the whole thing is is like, get the relationships going. China has a complete different way of doing business and doing business in Europe, during business in North America. We're not transaction focus, we're relationship focused. And for example,

Speaker 1 15:32

when you say we What do you mean by we, we China network, the Detroit Chinese business association, so the network is, is is relationship based.

Unknown Speaker 15:41

Yeah. And so the top people who are doing a lot of business with China, understand that and that's why they support us, like Bank of America, Chemical Bank of America, Bank of law firms, and Miller Canfield, pure Russell, CPA, business consulting firms like BDO, and Ey and KPMG. In the top local and global firms, thoroughly enjoy the fellowship, and the relationships that our organization creates. And most all the $4.5 billion dollars of foreign direct investment from China in Michigan, which employs about 10,000 Michigan residents is all around our network. These are all deals that our sponsors worked on. Most everyone came through us first before they end up going to, you know, wherever they go, Oakland County, and etc, and so on and so forth. But, and we've just scratched the surface. I mean, there's literally, China and the US are going to be close to 50% of the world's GDP by 2030. And you know, everything is going to have a little China in it. So the more Michigan wants to retain, attain and gain and being like the mobility capital of the world, we need to get the high tech, Chinese supercars and as many companies from China here as possible to do their r&d through their testing, suppliers, etc. And then also vice versa.

Speaker 1 17:00

What is that for Americans in the American business?

Unknown Speaker 17:04

Well, look, the Chinese buying millions and millions of American made cars.

Speaker 1 17:10

Well, are they are they buying Chinese cars? Because they're making them for a couple 1000 bucks over there?

Unknown Speaker 17:16

Not necessarily. And then there's all sorts of contraptions and that's like one of the things if you notice what the robot, we're solving, like a solution here, you know, Michigan designed engineered vehicle. So that's a Michigan for the Chinese market, and help them solve the problem of having two and a half million technically illegal, unconnected vehicles doing last mile deliveries. So

Speaker 1 17:40

well, let's let's let's talk about that for a second. Because that's, that's really kind of an interesting project. Right. So that's an American Chinese cooperation to create that product, the cooperation

Unknown Speaker 17:50

based company, and then we've been working with Chinese ministries and developing a product for their needs over there. We start shipping the third quarter of 2019.

Speaker 1 18:01

Tell us tell us a little bit about how that all kind of began. Quadra robot is exhibited at the auto show as a autonomous transport vehicle, correct?

Unknown Speaker 18:13

Yeah, so first model is definitely designed for last month livery in China. If you were like anybody who watches the video, they can see other implementations and possible uses of the vehicle. For example, we can turn a quad robots, you have the skateboard bottom, we're out the power train, the tires, the electric, the batteries, everything's done on a skateboard, as they call it now. And then we can remove and put different cabinets on there for different users for different sectors. Like for example, a fire truck, like a fire truck, maybe can't go through these small alleys, where the project bot was specifically designed with specs from the Chinese Ministry. So these vehicles can get in and out whenever they need for whatever purposes in their life and their solutions for their streets or urban areas, etc.

Unknown Speaker 18:58

How did this project become a Michigan based project?

Unknown Speaker 19:02

Mike Wang, originally from China and CEO of the company, he went to the College for Creative Studies. So to do this chief designer, officer, Johnny Wong, and then they got hired, they worked with FCA they've done some work with Pininfarina. You know, the the Italian now Chinese famous Ferrari design company. And then they came up with this idea of like, Hey, this is what's going on in China. And then, you know, going back and forth, they have a lot of money already invested in this. We they just rented leased 20,000 square feet of space and Madison Heights. So we got a new OEM here in Michigan. Roger bought a Ford Motor Company joining General Motors. That's exciting. FCA I was exciting.

Speaker 1 19:51

How do you differ like we were just talking with pedestrian right? So how do you differ? And how would you connect up with something Then like a pedestrian.

Unknown Speaker 20:02

So, pedestrian, for example, as I was on the phone overhearing that they're gonna do, like a pilot project with Beaumont Hospital, correct. So their thing is more of like a little mini vehicle, which, you know, they attach like a trailer. And then like, we'll take things to places, right ar, ar AR platform, our design, manufacturing, and engineering innovations are going to allow project bot to create a multitude of passenger and commercial vehicles, in different sizes and for different uses. Literally, as they say, like on the fly, where he's been able to what is done with like the manufacturing assembly line in the 20th century, Mike Wang has created some manufacturing innovations, which is gonna allow us to be able to come up with a multitude of different products in a very short period of time. But for right now, for the next 12 months, they're completely focused on, on getting this quadropod out in the marketplace, testing and then moving forward with that. But then as mobility, transformation unravels in different ways, there'll be different vehicles that are might be needed in Denver, that are different from the ones that would be needed in Phoenix, for example, the geology, geography, climate, etc. And we're going to be positioned to be able to work with the marketplace and collaborate with other manufacturers, in creating the most mobility of mobility in the age of mobility

Unknown Speaker 21:33

is that where the interchangeable, like I guess, top comes into the skateboard, like in Phoenix, they might need a different design, but it's all based on the same platform.

Unknown Speaker 21:43

Yeah, and skateboard itself can be modified to be longer, skinnier or wider, etc. Again, so there'll be hundreds of applications. Three years, five years down the road. It's coming up. And electrification is coming up, fleets are coming up. And we're going to be in a great position, we already have like two or three different areas in China, which we'll be breaking, we'll be working with r&d in one city assembly in another city, working with fuel cell technologies, and another city over there. And then Madison Heights is going to be the global headquarters.

Speaker 1 22:18

Madison Heights, why their

Unknown Speaker 22:22

geography to the mayor of Madison Heights is very pro Asian China Business. Okay. And right off of I 75. Right. Not too far from downtown Detroit, not too far from going up into Troy and Auburn Hills. Were many of the, you know, I'd like to 40 top global autonomous technology related companies, 30 of them are in Oakland County. Another five of them are in Ann Arbor. So we're going to be positioned right there by close to 696 and 75. You know, it's a great space. And then again, relationship base, the mayor of Madison Heights, Brian Hartwell developed the relationship with the CEO Mike wine, and he said, Hey, look, to find the best building there. We can find a good building there. Let's move there.

Speaker 1 23:14

The The question I have, and it seems like there is a um, are you doing cultural training for the Chinese to how to do business in America? Because it seems like you know, there was a I'm not gonna mention any names, but at the Auto Show, there was like, there are some Chinese companies there, but they weren't interacting properly with the public.

Unknown Speaker 23:38

Yeah. And so I mean, and that's one of the things and things you know, it takes time some companies get it. Some companies don't. Some people have seasoned veterans in East West relationships. Some people aren't. We don't necessarily have a formalized training system, we do have. cultural experts are usually our sponsors are the people that are working for these banks and seeing something was they really, you know, they're they dig deep to get in there. And then they work with them. And then again, our events, what we like to do with like, our galas, and or golf outings, and our forums and seminars and summits, is to create fellowship is for them to get experience. And we're a volunteer based organization here. We have dozens of like grads, recent grads, and college students from China that are studying here that are learning about how to do business in United States.

Speaker 1 24:32

All right, so so the idea then is, if there are businesses and or people that want to interact and engage with Chinese business, then they should maybe go to the gala and possibly interact with your organization. Most definitely. How do they do that? Neilan

Unknown Speaker 24:53

they contact the Detroit Chinese business association dcba.com and or they can call me directly at 248 199100

Speaker 1 25:01

Okay and ladies that's out there now Milan so be careful. Milan thank you so much for calling in and explaining to us the relationship with kraju robot and how the Chinese Association works with it the Detroit Chinese

Unknown Speaker 25:19

it's been an honor and keep up the great work. Great Interviews. Great subject matters and looking forward to future podcast episodes of yours

Speaker 1 25:28

all the best thank you so much. All right. All right. Bye bye now. Thanks um so yeah, we've had a little bit of autonomous stuff happening because of the auto show um what do you think of that Tracy?

Unknown Speaker 25:42

Big weekend for big things

Speaker 1 25:46

next up we're gonna take a little break we're gonna hear some Leonard Cohen First we take Manhattan

Unknown Speaker 26:26

they sentenced me to 20 years of boredom or trying to change the system from where they come in to a wall we take Manhattan then we're guided by a signal in the header guided by this on my skin guide then we take them but now your word is just my you know the way to stop man don't have the discipline man then upgrade for this to lead my work begin First we take Manhattan then we take like your fashion business Mr. And I don't like these drugs keep young black would happen to my sister we take Manhattan then we take Thank you for those items that you sent me the monkey and the plywood design practice every night now I'm ready Take Manhattan balmy I used to live from music remember me? I brought your groceries in. Well, that's Father's Day. And that bread is whoo we pick Manhattan then we pick

Speaker 1 31:38

All right. Welcome back after some Leonard Cohen there, Tracy, what did you think?

Unknown Speaker 31:46

I think he's a weirdo like you.

Speaker 1 31:50

Thank you for that. Um, next up, folks. We have a very interesting guest coming on. Ian, are you there? Yeah, I'm here. Hi, Ian. Welcome in. And then I hope I'm saying I'm gonna say this right in Rado, ghost. Dash Givens. Damn,

Unknown Speaker 32:11

rat, August.

Speaker 1 32:13

August. Sorry, my man, thank you so much for coming on our show. You're you're the founder and chief maker of the meed at Celmins. Correct? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:26

I make all the VMs center and other owners.

Speaker 1 32:31

Yes. So your, um, how long have you been doing this here at Solomons.

Unknown Speaker 32:36

We've been, what, three years now. And counting, hopefully.

Speaker 1 32:45

I mean, when I when I tasted the meat that you guys make there, I was just kind of blown away. So tell us a little bit about how that happens.

Unknown Speaker 32:54

Um, so what we do a little bit differently than a good amount of meaderies is we use all fresh fruit you added in. So instead of like concentrates,

Speaker 1 33:09

I'm sorry. Let's step back one second. Serve. Our audience may not know what Mead is. All right, right.

Unknown Speaker 33:19

Mead is a for honey fermented alcohol. It's one of the oldest it is the oldest alcohol known to man. Through its history, its touch basis with wine. Do you call that a payment with beer you call that a bracket. And then there's many other categories of just need itself. Like, you can have a traditional need where it's just honey, water and yeast. That's it. The whole flavor that you're getting from the drink is from the particular honey that you choose from. Then one thing that we're quite well known for is Mel Bell's which are fruit.

Speaker 1 34:08

Oh, okay. So tell us what that means.

Unknown Speaker 34:13

So we we will deal with a lot of farmers and a lot of big produce to use in our drinks. We break it all down at the shop and then add it to the use the beat itself. Yeah, it's delicious.

Speaker 1 34:40

It's more than delicious. I mean, it's also it also gives you a different kind of a feeling.

Unknown Speaker 34:45

Yeah, meat gives you a definitely a different little drunk to it. It's it's very fork almost. Yeah, then. And that's actually the worst honeymoon actually came from me back. Yeah, back in the day you give the newlyweds enough me for a full moon cycle to get drunk on and they always say the woman's drunk on bat, you're gonna have a boy.

Unknown Speaker 35:18

Wow, I was born in the wrong time apparently.

Speaker 1 35:22

This is the time Salomon's is right on. Gianna. Right. So it's not available in how many locations? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:32

Countless right now in Metro Detroit and then we have some places in Chicago that also carry us.

Unknown Speaker 35:38

Okay, so I have a question only for my own, you know, drinking purposes. Oh, shoot, so I can't drink wine. Why is that? Um, I, it just doesn't agree with me and I end up with these weird like ocular migraines. So Meantime, like, is the process different? Like, can I drink this?

Unknown Speaker 35:59

Maybe it depends on it could be a selfie stick with you. Right?

Speaker 1 36:06

So I'm thinking I mean, wine is natural.

Unknown Speaker 36:09

Right? Right. So like is this without the sulfites and the sulfate?

Unknown Speaker 36:13

We do use sulfites. It's all of our stuff in sorbate so it's shelf stable. But we kind of go on the lower end of what you see in winemaking because like, technically Mead and cider, look at it as making life wine. And except, like with the big white wine producers, they hit it with sulfite every time they move the alcohol. With us, we only do it once and you know, pay attention to our parts per million on sulfites because using sulfite adsorbates What combo is kind of like a one two punch for use not to reefer met. Ah, because he's just wants to go boat dry every time unless you exhaust these naturally with high sugars.

Unknown Speaker 37:22

This is interesting.

Unknown Speaker 37:24

So some of our stuff like we'll probably get into it is we do biodynamic. We're actually the first ever recognized biodynamic eatery in the world.

Unknown Speaker 37:39

That's what we use. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 37:41

just got that it's been about a year or so fight to get it all recognized. We deal with one of the all the biodynamic farmers on this side of Michigan. He's over Palmer Park. Oh. Yep, he he grows every sick and we use his product to make our own. With that we don't do any sulfite surveys. We naturally exhaust the yeast. Some of the ones that we do is a beet flat current stays on need at 14%. So all what, uh, what are the calls Detroit reds. So the Cadillac family brought them over when they came over to sraight and started farming them. So we're lucky enough for farmer to find those grow that for us. He throws us the black currents. And then we as assays on his switches. type of European French style yeast. gives a little bit of a black pepper out to it. Another one we use is we do a watermelon saffron. So we take all of his watermelons. We choose that instead of using the water. We actually use the watermelon juice to ferment off the first batch I was lucky enough to use Michigan saffron, which is very hard to find. Yeah, but we're in Oslo, my friend. His mother grows it. So the first batch was a smaller batch so we're able to use hers now. I'm forced to use organic saffron

Unknown Speaker 39:47

is one of those things that people use like pretty judiciously. I'd think right? Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1 39:53

It's still like $1,000 a gram, isn't it? What is it go for?

Unknown Speaker 39:58

A little bit cheaper than that.

Speaker 1 40:01

I'm thinking of something else.

Unknown Speaker 40:05

Definitely expensive. Maybe you buy it, you get deals and so, right. Yeah, it's just how good is your hustle pretty much? Well,

Speaker 1 40:17

Detroit's hustles pretty good. And it seems like sarreguemines is pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 40:20

So find this biodynamic farmer,

Unknown Speaker 40:25

he actually found us. And we're very interested in, you know, farming and dealing with the farmer itself. So we get the, you know, the top pick of everything. And we wanted to make a high end level, be it that wasn't out there and, you know, in the country. And so from there, we start doing some test batches with them, and really honing in on making something really interesting.

Unknown Speaker 41:00

So have other mysteries contacted you about your methods and how to do this and expand anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 41:10

Like, I have the crazy flavors, stuff like that. So you know, what, a little bit ago I did a bird honey black truffles. And I got

Speaker 1 41:25

to hang with you even a little more.

Unknown Speaker 41:30

And a lot of people's not Oh, it's kind of weird. Taste it. It's almost like a Carmel truffle.

Unknown Speaker 41:37

So how do you come up with these flavors?

Unknown Speaker 41:42

What we all kind of grew up at cellar was a lot of all the owners. We grew up in kitchens. So we are always taught no through chefs and whatever about flavor and Lane was it. And then when we moved into the professional game, it was just keep on playing with flavors that, you know, if you're interested about it, just do a little test match pretty much. And that's the nice thing about having a TC that we can test that batch out in a smaller form to see if everybody's into it. And you know, every so often you have a hitter as it happens, you know, I've been working on a cucumber bead for the past three years. Every year I really set with different flavors. First year was what Rosemary's second year? Oh, sorry, basil. First year, like basil, and we did rosemary. Oh, sorry. Last time event this year did line. I think that's a Hungarian. Right. That's

Speaker 1 43:10

the one I think I had. So

Unknown Speaker 43:14

yeah, we tried to really push the limits on what's going on. I try to do a lot of forward like thinking on like fixed drinks, kind of feeds and stuff like that.

Speaker 1 43:28

Are you working with any restaurants like in the area or chefs that you guys are pairing your, your your needs and things with certain dishes?

Unknown Speaker 43:36

We've gotten together with Jason Gatto, great stuff, budgies. Students,

Speaker 1 43:48

we met him great guy, awesome guy.

Unknown Speaker 43:52

And his restaurants is top notch. And so like relationships that we've had throughout the years kind of work with those guys and try to have fun with their dishes and our drinks.

Speaker 1 44:09

Excellent. I want to thank you for calling in and telling our audience a little bit more about your needs and such. So folks, so Celmins is not only a meatery You guys make ciders you make beer, but you also a venue. Yes. So you have cool bands and shows there all the time. Right? So you're open five days a week,

Unknown Speaker 44:34

five days a week. We're open Wednesdays through Sundays. We open up at five usually go till midnight. It's Saturdays it's one to one Sundays one to nine.

Speaker 1 44:49

Well, thank you and you're located right on John are between nine and 10 mile right and Hazel Park

Unknown Speaker 44:54

and Hazel Park. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, you can can go to our website seller men's calm Yeah, usually that's the best place to find out about upcoming shows. We also do a lot of comedy acts. They're nice so yeah a little bit of everything for everyone.

Speaker 1 45:16

Well you have great great meat that's for sure. Thank you so much again for your time and being on our show. Have a great day.

Unknown Speaker 45:24

You as well guys have a great one. Take Care Take care now.

Speaker 1 45:27

Pretty interesting stuff hot you have to taste this

Unknown Speaker 45:32

money. Love that anything.

Speaker 1 45:35

Next up we have Jeffrey Hello Jeffrey. Hey, good morning. Good morning. How you doing Jeffrey?

Unknown Speaker 45:43

Good good. How are you guys doing today?

Speaker 1 45:45

Good we're talking auto show we're talking style we're talking food um, I hear you guys have been styling a bunch of people for the Auto Show activities over there at teasers boutique

Unknown Speaker 45:58

Aleut Lee they have been packing up and out they are getting ready for this auto show like no like none other I mean it's we've been styling them left and right like our regular clients new clients you know it's been off the hook so it's gonna you're gonna you guys are gonna see my only gonna see some hot new cars which roughly from from from really hot you need pieces on these young ladies are gonna be stepping up in the show. That's what I'm talking about.

Unknown Speaker 46:29

So tonight's charity preview, right? Yes. Okay. Okay, so it's like to the nines dressing.

Speaker 1 46:39

Yeah. All the way up. So, so people so tell me what somebody could expect if they go to teasers and look I got this gala go to and I got to get ready for it. What could they expect? Jeffrey? Well,

Unknown Speaker 46:55

first of all, you know we're gonna give you guys one on one. Excellent customer service. We we cater to our clients we get involved with our clients we you know want to know where you're going what you've got going on. You know, it's we you know if you're going by yourself or if you try to match up with your date, no matter what the circumstances or the location we get you right we get you in and out. You know we spend that time we give you that quality time you know we have you guys you know them bring in shoes we style them according to the shoes they have.

Speaker 1 47:36

What about accessories, accessories you guys like

Unknown Speaker 47:40

we have all type of unique one of a kind of accessories from hats to purses. So earrings to build so many you know bracelets you know like we have this this for rightly person magic

Speaker 1 47:57

word for Ooh I don't know what that word does. You know what that word does for

Unknown Speaker 48:05

yeah and it's bad. It's you wear on your wrist and you know and it's attached to a purse purse. And it's it's fashion is fabulous. as classy as classic have never go out of style.

Speaker 1 48:18

So basically let's say um you know me I like vest so if I came in I brought my vest in and said look, find something for my girl for tonight's gala you would be able to do it and how much time

Unknown Speaker 48:32

I mean instantly you know we have things laid out you know on rags I will look at it and I will know exactly what to go straight.

Speaker 1 48:43

I mean you know there's no excuse from anyone you have an in house Taylor

Unknown Speaker 48:48

yes we do. We have one of the designers that's in house who create on the spot who you know take in or whatever the case might need. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:03

now you guys are soup to nuts as they say

Speaker 1 49:05

soup to nuts. That's exactly what we're talking about. So um, folks if there's any styling you need during these Auto Show days. Visit teasers boutique see Jeffrey or Paulette there. They will be able to help you out. Thanks so much Jeffrey for calling in. We really appreciate it. Folks, teasers boutique on the avenue of fashion anything else Jeffrey that you want to say before?

Unknown Speaker 49:33

Well, we're we're that's 19355 vivid noise Avenue. We're on liver noise which is the avenue of fashion because a lot of people don't know what the avenue fashion was three this orange row right? Why you know my delivery noise between seven and out of drive Seven Mile and how to dry Yeah,

Speaker 1 49:54

perfect and you're still styling.

Unknown Speaker 49:56

We're still styling today. So if there's if there are any little Last minute shoppers out there or if you even have your outfit obviously because if he was gone tonight, but if you just decide, You know what, let me come check them out. Right. Well let me switch my outfit up. Come on here and we'll get we'll take care of you.

Unknown Speaker 50:13

I have a question what is black tie fly mean?

Unknown Speaker 50:17

Black time fly. Here at Caesars boutique, it means you're going to be flying from head to toe. Like

Speaker 1 50:25

I did that it's usually but

Unknown Speaker 50:29

you know, long evening down.

Unknown Speaker 50:31

Oh, so black tie,

Speaker 1 50:33

black tie fly when a man say that again. It's long evening gowns. You could wear a

Unknown Speaker 50:39

long evening gown you could wear you know, shorts, it's all about just land and how fashion

Unknown Speaker 50:46

What about for men?

Unknown Speaker 50:49

Man for me in blazer, you know, blazer, you want to be you want to dress the park and want to you know, have you know, text tuxedo suits to fly standing out, you know, unique one of a kind pieces.

Speaker 1 51:08

Text me some pictures of what Black Tie fly might look like for a guy and maybe for a woman, we might share that on our thing and then link him up to you guys. Okay, you know, something like that might be cool, because a lot of people don't might not know what black fly tie is obviously.

Unknown Speaker 51:27

I just saw an invitation with it on it. And I was like, what is that? I know, I know. Just like black tie like wow, yeah. Well,

Speaker 1 51:35

the fly part Bar Mitzvah mom. Exactly. Well, Jeffrey, thanks for explaining that a little bit here to our folks here. Appreciate it. Alright, Jeffrey, um, you guys have a great day over there at teasers and folks go on in there if you need your last minute. Outfit for your galas and whatnot. Thanks again. Um, so, yes, I think we just got disconnected from Jeffrey.

Unknown Speaker 52:08

I did. But I could still talk to him and not realize that he wasn't on the line.

Speaker 1 52:12

Right. Yeah. So and I'm not sure it looks like some of the oh, oh. So next up we have hopefully calling in is m 69. To give us a little bit of a update. And then we should have the wizard calling and calling in shortly to from tangent gallery. So what is your take on all this auto show stuff? Tracy? What do you think? And right now?

Unknown Speaker 52:38

I haven't been to the auto show since probably needed my first car. I know. I just I haven't been I've been to some of the parties, which are great. Yeah, the parties are. Yeah, the parties are fun. But I haven't actually. Probably I probably 10 years. I haven't been to the auto show. But you just went so how was it?

Speaker 1 52:59

It was pretty cool. I wanted to thank everyone out there for giving us all the press privileges at the Auto Show. We got to go to all the events for the price and Industry Days and whatnot. It was it was great. Just to get the the better one on one kind of time with each display was pretty sweet. So we got to talk, take pictures and whatnot. It was good. Good informational. So next up, kind of related. We have Peter from M 69. dot m dash 60 nine.com. Peter, how are you? Good. How are you? Great on this auto show stuff? I mean, you must be like, how can we bring it up to the up to hit em? 69?

Unknown Speaker 53:43

Wouldn't that be great, because we've got the roads for those cars? Well, you know, we we shoveled out a little bit today. Uh huh. Good. But I'm sure they make trucks and SUVs and all kinds of stuff that would be that we welcome on our roads.

Speaker 1 53:59

Well, that's the thing that I was wondering about, like with the, this whole push with, with autonomous? Um, what would have to happen to me? I'm 69 to make it autonomous evil.

Unknown Speaker 54:13

Well, that's funny. You said that because just recently we started doing this. We call it the well, you know, we got a lot of beavers up off it. I'm 69. Well, yeah, I heard there's a lot. And the Beavers are rodents? Sure. Right. And they dam up quite a bit. And the feet and the streams. Yeah. And in sometimes when that water gets dammed up, you have a little bit of a situation where you've got to release all of that. Sure. We've started doing this. It's not the bird box challenge, but it's similar. And I've heard that you've had some situations down there where people are putting on blindfolds, right and in trying to drive their vehicles. Exactly. What better than an autonomous vehicle to do the bird box challenge or the beaver Box Challenge or whatever you want to call it?

Speaker 1 54:55

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that's where you want to do it is on M 16.

Unknown Speaker 55:00

You want to do it on M 69? You want to get off on M 69. And do the beaver Box Challenge.

Speaker 1 55:06

That's what you want to do. So where if I'm traveling on M 69? Let's just say I'm taking my quadro bot or if I'm taking maybe my, my drone copter to go visit? Where would be the first stop that I would go to that you would recommend there on em? 69.

Unknown Speaker 55:26

The major intersection, believe it or not, is a town called hardwood, hardwood. So you Yes, you want to take a hard right. And get off at hardwoods, and you will not be disappointed. I don't know whether to believe you or not. Yeah, you'll have to get a map and check out where we are. So we call it the intersection that makes everyone happy.

Speaker 1 55:54

possible because it's Michigan and it's Peter. And it is possible. It's m dash 60 nine.com. Which you saw. It's I know I did we have a lot of people supporting M 69. Instead of M 22.

Unknown Speaker 56:10

Yes, The Road Less Traveled is what we say. Right? We say we say let's explore. And why not? You know, you can take and travel on the same roads every day. And that gets a little boring. Oh, sure. It does. You want to take a wrong turn somewhere. Have a little fun find in a state sale. You know,

Speaker 1 56:30

stop at hardwood. Take her you know, check out MC nine and see what else is out there, guys.

Unknown Speaker 56:38

That's right. Yep. Stop at hardwood. Get yourself a nice drink.

Speaker 1 56:43

M dash. One M dash 60 nine.com. Folks. Peter, thank you so much for giving us an update there for em dash 60 nine.com. We'll have you on next week as well to give us a little update on what's happening in the up. I always enjoy the input. And it's excellent. Thank you so much. Take care. What a great what a great product line, huh? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 57:11

I saw that bumper sticker. Well, unless

Speaker 1 57:13

it's the real deal, because you know, the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula have always had this kind of back and forth. Right. Have you have you have you ever felt that that the the the Yoopers are kind of not with the lower

Unknown Speaker 57:34

No, sometimes they'd rather be cheeseheads

Speaker 1 57:37

exactly. I mean a lot more. It's

Unknown Speaker 57:41

it it's been going on forever. Yeah, I haven't I don't know that I've ever ever been like way to the up. Oh, like not passed. I mean,

Speaker 1 57:54

it is beautiful. Um, we I had a chance to spend a few weeks up there in Marquette when I was younger and just just a beautiful place and we'll leave it at that. Thank you so much for listening in and tuning into our show here's a little song longtime son shine Sarah God God man times shy No sir

Unknown Speaker 59:26

WNZK He has available a few good hours of airtime for a few good programs to serve their communities. Radio is better than ever, in targeting an audience that listens to what you say. Learn more about this exciting radio broadcasting opportunity by calling WNZK radio at 24855 735